Bligvest Media Group’s unique integrated media service offering allows our advertisers to not only extend their reach to the traditional communities, but also to make a quantum leap into the previously un serviced taxi channel and to reach out to the ever growing digital population through our extremely active social media platform By using our unique integrated media service offering of print in combination with digital, our advertisers reach a bigger audience at a lower cost, resulting in an increased ROI

A group of hyper local community newspapers covering vast parts of Gauteng, Limpopo and North West Province. We distribute 888,000 papers per month in 13 different titles, which results in a readership of approximately 8m.

A niche newspaper which has created an exclusive distribution channel within the taxi industry which transports 18 million commuters per day. Since April 2017 we collaborate with the taxi industry to be the publication of choice at taxi ranks and for taxi commuters.

A strategic digital marketing agency. We work with ambitious brands, businesses and public figures who understand that investing in design, brand experience, and growth-centric digital marketing truly has the ability to grow and shape their organization

An advertising agency and Seller and Marketer of hyper local content community newspapers. The newspapers are printed and distributed by independent publishers. The combined print run of these titles is 1,000,000 copies per month.